miss-mongji asked:
HI! I totally loved Theme 04 and I was trying to make a redirect page so I could have all my tagged edits on one page, but I was only allowed to have a Standard Layout... Is there any way for it to also allow Custom Layout and Redirect?

those still work. you just need to select “custom layout” or “redirect” from the drop-down list when you’re creating the page. standard layout is simply the default option. 

klainersworld asked:
I'm sorry to annoy you but when I try to change my them for one of yours it doesn't work and I don't know what to do , thank you. I just copy the code of your theme and paste it into the html thing (and I erase the old one before) and when I click on save my tumblr is all fucked up. thanks

that’s normally what happens when you initially change the theme. one of the major problems with the new customize page on tumblr is that you can’t reset defaults anymore, so when you first save you’ll be missing style variables you need (colors, images, links, etc) and you’ll only be able to properly edit those once you paste the code, save, exit, and re-enter the customize page. that’s the only way i have found to edit themes on the new page and get everything to show up. 

daenerysstormbon asked:
Hey there xD I'm sorry to bother you but i'm using your last theme on my OUAT blog and idk why but my background won't show up so i was wondering if you could help me out with this problem, sorry again for bothering you ..

oh that was completely my fault! i left something out of the coding for the background so it wasn’t working right. thank you for letting me know! if you change the html to this, it should work for you: background-image:url(‘{image:background}’);

and i’ll update on the theme downloads as well!

unicornmio asked:
Hi! I'm sorry to bother. I'm using theme 8 but I would like to put my tags as in theme 10. How can I do it? Thank you so much in advance!

as my faq says, i don’t really help with changing things like this on themes. :( however, in general for anyone who wants to do this, if you want to alter one part of the theme to look like another you just need to copy/paste the html and css between them because i typically keep naming consistent. 

so in your case, you’d want to copy all of the .tag and .taglist css from theme 10 over to the bottom of your css for theme 8. you’d then copy everything from {block:HasTags}{/block:HasTags} in theme 10 and paste it over that section in theme 8. 

shitscal asked:
im using theme 10. how do i put the bigger photo? because the smaller one (avatar) appears, but how do i add the bigger one? thanks xx

under your “appearance” options in the customize sidebar, you can upload an image that will appear in your sidebar :)